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Zoë's Place Baby Hospice exists to provide a variety of palliative and respite services to support families of babies with life limiting or life threatening illnesses. It is a 6-bed hospice, and is the only one in the UK that caters specifically for babies, with the age range of 0-5years. The support that is provided is invaluable to the families, with the majority of them getting the only 2 nights a month whereby they can have a proper night’s sleep!

Each family that receives respite care is given an organised and tailored care package. The needs of the child and the carers are assessed and the support they require is allocated to the family.  During their stay, the baby is cared for by a Registered Nurse & Senior Care Assistant, and additional services are available from our Play Leader, Art Therapist & Physiotherapist. This is all to ensure that every baby has the opportunity to make memories that will last.  An important philosophy that the hospice follows is that “every life is precious, no matter how long it lasts”.

We do not just care for the baby, but for the whole family.  We know that dealing with a child who has a life limiting or life threatening illness can be hard for everyone involved, and so we want to make it as easy as possible for them all.  We do this by creating a family like community, providing things such as counselling sessions, sibling support, activity days and much much more.

Zoë's Place works as part of a multidisciplinary team, alongside a GP and palliative care consultant so that we can provide ongoing support to our families 24 hours a day.  Anyone who loses a child (under the age of 6) has access to our bereavement services.  The child can be brought to rest in our Snowdrop suite and the family can stay too, right up until the funeral.

Zoë's place costs £1.6 million a year to keep the doors open, so every single contribution, no matter the size, is highly appreciated. If you would like to find out more information about Zoë's Place and how they help so many more families around Liverpool and beyond, visit their website:


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