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The Tim Parry Jonathan Ball Foundation for Peace was set up in memory of Tim and Jonathan after they were killed by the IRA bombing of Warrington in 1993. The aims of the Foundation are to inspire people, especially young people, to lead more peaceful lives by participating in our educational programmes. This enables them to have a better understanding of conflict and provides them with the skills to deal with conflict situations in a non-violent way.

The Foundation works nationally to support those affected by terrorism and conflict.†With over 20 years of experience, we believe that addressing the causes of violence before, during and after conflict situations is the most effective way possible to promote peace. Our projects and programmes work within three main areas;†prevention, resolution and response. The Foundation equips people with skills to use their experiences positively and to effect change for themselves and their communities.

Transforming Communities

Through a combination of programme approaches, the Foundation undertakes comprehensive interventions to bring about sustainable change.


The Foundation trains and equips people with the skills to be able to advocate and raise issues for themselves and their peers to effect change. It also advocates on behalf of, and with, its participants to effect change at policy level nationally and internationally.

Sharing Experiences

The Foundation creates a safe and supportive environment where people come together and share their personal story about conflict, identify with others with similar backgrounds and gain support from shared experiences.


The Foundation facilitates opportunities for dialogue between conflicting parties, working with individuals, groups and communities. Acting as a neutral third party, the Foundation facilitates processes which help to challenge prejudices and deepen understanding of Ďthe other' and explore commonalities.

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Players are assigned 6 numbers when registering, that are then checked against the last 6 digits of temperatures in Fahrenheit that are published in the Daily Mail on the day of the draw.


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