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Here at Beechwood we offer support to those living with cancer and other life limiting illness, as well as their relatives and carers. We first began offering cancer care back in 1990 and since then our centre has helped many people. Beechwood are here to support people, family and friends. It costs 4000 per day to keep our services running.

By joining the Beechwood Lottery you are helping us care for those with cancer and similar life limiting illnesses. Play one line and help us support more of our patients. Play two lines and help us improve our facilities!

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How it works

The Lottery results are calculated using the temperatures from selected destinations around Europe on a particular day each week.

Players are assigned 6 numbers when registering, that are then checked against the last 6 digits of temperatures in Fahrenheit that are published in the Daily Mail on the day of the draw.


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