About Us

The Weather Lottery is Great Britain’s most popular fundraising lottery based on the number of society lotteries. With over 850 good causes raising money with us, that's more than anybody else.

The Weather Lottery itself comprises of hundreds of smaller society lotteries, each raising money to fund their work. So, if you choose to support the Sussex Wildlife Trust for example, you’re actually playing their lottery, within the Weather Lottery brand , and profits will help them solely.

All lotteries which comprise the Weather Lottery are administered by Prize Provision Services Ltd, licensed by the Gambling Commission as an External Lottery Manager on the licence numbers at the bottom of this page. You can find out more here.

Where your money goes

When you pay your money, it is initially held in a segregated trust account to protect it from the insolvency of PPS and spent weekly based on your number of entries of £1 into the Weather Lottery Draw.

On average 46% including VAT (38% excluding VAT) of money played with the Weather Lottery goes directly to the chosen society. The rest of the money is split between prizes, where there is a jackpot of £25,000 every week and administration costs including, staffing, bank fees and other running costs.

In comparison to the minimum 37% (37p per £1 entry) societies with good causes receive with the Weather Lottery, 28% of the National Lottery goes to good causes, 30% (60p per £2 ticket) from the People's Postcode Lottery and just 20% (20p per £1 ticket) from the Health lottery (Correct of July 2017).

More information

If you are a society and would like to run your lottery with us, please contact info@prizeprovision.com for more information. Alternatively, if you are a player or society and have a question, contact us on 0115 8881222