(As defined in the Gambling Act 2005)

Self-exclusion allows you the player to exclude yourself from future draws, to accommodate your particular circumstances. When you request to be excluded from future draws, we will ensure that you are not allowed to play The Weather Lottery for a period of your choosing, which must be at least 6 months, but may be up to 5 years, if you so wish.

Learn more about what self exclusion means by reading our information sheet.

To confirm a wish to self-exclude, simply download and complete our self-exclusion form.

If you decide to self-exclude, we also recommend you consider self-excluding from all forms of gambling.

Whilst each society is responsible for the individual lottery (which you support), PPSL is responsible for all of The Weather Lottery lotteries. As part of our efforts to enforce social responsibility throughout all aspects of The Weather Lottery, if you choose to self-exclude from your lottery draw supporting a specific good cause, we will also exclude you from all other Weather Lottery draws for the period of your self-exclusion.

Once you complete, sign and return the form to us, we will remove you from any further draws you are already allocated into, and refund you your money. We will also reject any further applications or payments apparently from you in the future. We will cease sending you any marketing material and remove you from any marketing database we may have.

At the end of the period you have chosen, you may contact us in order to dis-continue the self-exclusion agreement. You must do this in person or by telephone. We will again ask you to confirm this by signing a form indicating your request, and there is a 24 hour cooling off period before you will be eligible to participate in a draw.

You may know that there is software available that you can install on your computer that will prevent access to gambling sites. For more information, go to or

Self-exclusion Form

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