The Weather Lottery Good Cause Fund

Where the money comes from:

The Good Cause Fund comprises of money which is either donated or from funds which have been left by players for more than six months where they don’t have enough to be entered into future draws.

Apply to the Good Cause Fund:

If you’re a society looking to promote your lottery and don’t have enough money to carry out the activity you’d like, you can apply to the Good Cause Fund by emailing

What you can apply for:

The fund is limited and we support many society lotteries so generally, requests should be kept under £150 each.

How the applications are judged:

Although there are no fixed criteria for a successful application, the rule of thumb is that societies who are promoting their lotteries in line with best practice advice from the Prize Provision Services team will be successful, funds permitting. For example, making sure you have a well presented page on and your own website with correct links would be one area which we would take into consideration

How long it takes for a final response:

Each request will be reviewed by the Prize Provision Services team and a response given within 7 days. A member of the team will contact you to discuss the application.

Apply to the fund.

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Player Helpdesk:
0115 8881222

Society Enquiries:
0844 251 0509